Midwest Daffodil Society
This page last updated April 18, 2022.

The MIDWEST DAFFODIL SOCIETY seeks to promote and encourage the growing and scientific study of the Daffodil, and to foster and stimulate public interest by

  • having daffodil shows and sales
  • encouraging the visitation of gardens of members
  • having planned garden trips
  • holding any other event which will create greater interest in daffodils.

    The Spring 2022 MDS Daffodil Show will be held on April 23 -24

    It's Sunday evening before our show and I usually have a refrigerator full of blooms to consider. However, I have no fine blooms in the yard yet. Some of you are in the same boat, while a few have indicated that you do have some good ones and more coming in time.

    So we WILL have a show and will cross our fingers that more blooms are forthcoming. Al and I plan to set up Bernstein Hall on Friday morning. We could use a little help but have done it ourselves alone. Call if you are coming to help.

    Lindalee Stuckey indicates that she has blooms and will set up for the design show as planned.

    A copy of the show schedule in serial form is attached. Copies of the booklet form will be available on Saturday. Let me know at the email address here if you have questions or advice or if you just want to tell me how many blooms you may have.


    2022 MDS Show Schedule in PDF format may be downloaded here.

  • Send an email to the Midwest Daffodil Society : here
    Ask us a question or request a callback.

    We often meet at the Chicago Botanic Garden and our show and sale dates are usually posted on their calendar and here.

    The 2021 Spring Show was not held due to the COVID19 interruption. We did hold a very successful bulb sale at the CBG on October 16-17.

    The 2021 Business meeting was held on Sunday, October 23. The traditional "Bulb Exchange" was held at that time.

    See our Facebook page for more information and for many photos from from former MDS and American Daffodil Society shows.

    View or take part in the worldwide ongoing conversation about daffodils at Daffnet.org.

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